AvaTax Document Management Badge Requirements

Administration/Utilities Integration

CertCapture Configuration

The CertCapture Configuration window must allow the user to specify the configuration/connection information.

  • API Username
  • API Password
  • Client ID(s)
CertCapture Test Connect Button

Test the connection to the CertCapture service and verifies the CertCapture API credentials. This is an important element to allow for successful troubleshooting of the CertCapture service

User Implementation Guide

The User Implementation Guide should contain screenshots and information allowing the end user to cofigure CertCapture and information on the functionality of the integration.

Enable Logging

Enables detailed CertCapture transaction logging within the application including capture of round-trip processing time.

Batch Load Customers

Utility to batch load customer records into CertCapture.

Request time out definition

Define a timeout length for CertCapture requests.

CertCapture Admin Console Link

Link to the CertCapture Application Dashboard.

Customer Record Integration

Create Customer Record

As customer records are created in the ERP, a function to create a corresponding customer record in the CertCapture application is required.
Required Fields:

  • Customer number (unique customer identifier)
  • Customer Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Option for Additional-Ship To Zones on customer record
  • Email address
Update Customer Record

As customer record are updated in the ERP, an function to update the corresponding customer record in the CertCapture application is required.

Retrieve Customer Exemption Status

Retrieve and display exemption certificate information associated with a customer record.
The displayed information must include:

  • Exempt state
  • Exempt reason
  • Certificate expiration date
  • If existing AvaTax Integration - Optional identify exempt reason on customer record
  • No existing AvaTax Integration - Required identify exempt reason on customer record
View Exemption Certificate

View an exemption certificate associated with customer record.

Option to Print or Save Certificate

Print or save certificate image on the local system.

Request new Certificate

As exemption certificates expire, a function to send the customer a request for a new exemption certificate is required.

Revoke Existing Certificate

Optional function to revoke/unlink an existing certificate from a customer record.