Avalara Certified Solution

Avalara AvaTax Customs Duty & Import Tax Badge Requirements

Prerequisite - Avalara Certified for Sales Tax & Avalara Certified for VAT

Additional Requirements

HS Code - Conditional

The harmonized classification code of the product. Verify within app HTS can vary by Country.

Shipping - Required

Cost of shipping with appropriate Avalara Goods and Service code.

IsSellerImporterOfRecord - Suggested Conditional

Setting is defaulted and set in Sellers AvaTax Tax Profile; however there are use cases where Sellers will may want to provide a transactional option by Buyer or even at an individual transaction level to over ride the Tax Profile settings.

Pref program indicator - Suggested

Only required if the customer knows that the item qualifies for a preference program. We currently only support preference program NAFTA. This indicator will tell our calculator to use the NAFTA preferred customs duty rate rather than the standard duty rate in the calculation.

Messaging - Required

Appropriate messages are displayed for de minimus.

Subtotals - Required

Appropriate Customs Duty and Import Tax sub-totals are displayed on checkout when Seller is Importer of Record.

Display Custom & Duty Tax - Required

Appropriate Customs Duty and Import Tax details are displayed as information to the Buyer when the Seller is not the acting as the Importer of Record.

Storing Tax Details - Required

Appropriate level of detail (tax types and tax sub-types are stored) saved in calling system