Avalara Certified Solution

Avalara AvaTax VAT Badge Requirements

Prerequisite - Avalara Certified for Sales Tax

*Avalara is expanding VAT functionality available within the AvaTax service. The complete set of requirements needed to achieve the VAT badge are in progress.

Additional Requirements - Customer Record Integration

Business identification No. - Required

Also known as VAT Registration ID – This data element should be found directly on the transaction (sales order, sales invoice) header. Some applications may not carry that information onto the transaction itself, and the connector may have to pull directly from the customer record.

Additional Requirements – Transaction Processing Integration

Country Code (2 digit ISO code) - Required

The country code associated with the various addresses stored on the transaction must be sent. This information should not have to be sourced from the customer record.

Currency Code - Required

Transaction currency code – AvaTax needs to know the currency the document is transacted in, not the default currency information.

Ship-to address, including country code - Required

Ship-to address must contain country code.

Ship-from address, including country code - Required

Ship-from address must include country code.

EU Invoice Messaging - Suggested

Option to display messaging returned by the AvaTax engine on customer invoice.

Is Seller Importer of Record - Suggested

Is the merchant/seller the importer of record for this transaction.