Go Live

Going Live

If you think you’re ready to move to production, check your integration against a minimum standard by using our Integration Self-Test. If the result looks good to you or if you have questions, contact your implementation coordinator. They will review the data on the AvaTax Website to ensure requirements for the service(s) you have selected are being met and that you are receiving the results that should be expected based on your application’s need. You may be given some suggestions for things you may have overlooked or didn’t consider.

Production Credentials

Once the review of test data is completed and any issues discovered are addressed, the account admins will receive Production Credentials, which should then be put in place of the development credentials used during testing.

Migration Services

As part of this transition, your implementation coordinator will perform a one-time migration of your account settings to your new production account. At this point you should be ready to go live with your Avalara AvaTax integration.