Finding your CompanyId

Some AvaTax APIs require the use of a companyId to refer to a particular company. All company objects in AvaTax have both a companyCode and a companyId value.

  • companyCode is intended to be a name you can customize to match the name of your company in your accounting system.
  • companyId is a globally unique ID number that refers to your company within AvaTax.

It’s also worth knowing that your account has a “default” company. That company record has the field isDefault set to true; every account must have one default company in order to work.

The easiest way to locate your CompanyId is by calling the QueryCompanies API. You could fetch your default company object using this request:

GET /api/v2/companies?$filter=isDefault eq true

You can create new companies anytime by using the convenient quick startup CompanyInitialize API. This API is designed to provide a quick-start for a simple company object that has one physical point of presence, one contact, and a basic tax profile.

If you would like to configure a company with more control, please visit the AvaTax Website or use the full CreateCompanies API.