You attempted to act on, retrieve, update, or delete an object that does not exist.


  "code": "EntityNotFoundError",
  "target": "Unknown",
  "details": [
      "code": "EntityNotFoundError",
      "number": 4,
      "message": "-0- not found.",
      "description": "The -0- with -2- '-1-' was not found.",
      "faultCode": "Client",
      "helpLink": "http://developer.avalara.com/avatax/errors/EntityNotFoundError",
      "severity": "Error"


This problem occurs when an object cannot be found.

If you get this error, the typical cause is usually one of the following:

  • Is the account activated? Before you get started, you'll need to make sure your account is live.
  • Are you in the correct environment and account combination? Keep in mind that Sandbox and Produciton accounts will only work in their respective environments. Your Sandbox credentials will not work on Production and vice versa.
  • Does the company exist? Have you called a Delete API, like `DeleteCompany`, recently? Deleted entities and objects are considered to no longer exist, even though AvaTax does keep track of deleted entities/objects for audit purposes.
  • Have you indvertently misspelled the code or used the wrong ID number for an object?

Check your URL and ensure that the object you are attempting to use exists.

You can use the “Search” endpoint to attempt to retrieve all objects and search for the object you wish to use.