"code": "DuplicateFieldNameInOrderBy",
	"target": "Unknown",
	"details": [
			"code": "DuplicateFieldNameInOrderBy",
			"number": 194,
			"message": "Duplicate field name is not allowed.",
			"description": "The field named '-0-' is duplicated.",
			"faultCode": "Client",
			"helpLink": "http://developer.avalara.com/avatax/errors/DuplicateFieldNameInOrderBy",
			"severity": "Error"

This error occurs if a sort or order filter criteria for a request was repeated. A given filter clause can be used only once per request. For example, when searching for companies, using “orderby ‘name’, orderby ‘name’” will result in this error.

Check your filter clause for repeated filter criteria and try your API call again.