"code": "CannotChangeFilingStatus",
	"target": "Unknown",
	"details": [
		"code": "CannotChangeFilingStatus",
		"number": 401,
		"message": "Filing status cannot be changed to the requested value.",
		"description": "You may not change from -0- to -1-.  Only specific filing status changes are permitted.",
		"faultCode": "Client",
		"helpLink": "",
		"severity": "Error"

Customers using Avalara’s Managed Returns Service go through a few steps for each company that is a reporting entity in their account:

  • NotYetFiling - The customer has not yet requested that Avalara begin filing for this company.
  • FilingRequested - An account administrator has requested that Avalara begin filing for this company, but that Avalara's compliance team has not yet reviewed the request.
  • FirstFiling - Filing for this company / reporting entity has begun.

You can change the filing status of your company by calling the ChangeFilingStatus API. If you attempt to change to a status that is not yet permitted, you will receive this error message.

A customer can only request that a status be changed from NotYetFiling to FilingRequested. Avalara compliance team members will manage other status changes.