"code": "AddressConflictException",
	"target": "Unknown",
	"details": [
			"code": "AddressConflictException",
			"number": 301,
			"message": "You specified both a 'SingleAddress' and a different address type on the element '-0-'.",
			"description": "When using SingleAddress mode, you may only provide one address element.",
			"faultCode": "Client",
			"helpLink": "",
			"severity": "Error"

In “SingleAddress” mode, your transaction is assumed to have taken place at a single physical location, for example, at a point-of-sale cash register, and the transaction constitutes an in-person purchase with immediate exchange of goods.

This error occurs when you specify both “SingleAddress” along with some other address. When you are using SingleAddress mode, you cannot specify any other addresses.