REST Error Codes

Also see SOAP Error Codes for error messages defined in the SOAP v1 API.

Number Message Summary
1 ServerConfiguration Indicates that there is a server configuration problem with one of the servers in Avalara's AvaTax cluster.
2 AccountInvalidException You attempted to read information about an account that does not exist.
3 CompanyInvalidException You attempted to modify a company that does not exist.
4 EntityNotFoundError You attempted to act on, retrieve, update, or delete an object that does not exist.
5 ValueRequiredError You submitted a request and did not provide a value in a required field.
6 RangeError You attempted to set a value that must be within a range, but your value was outside of the range.
7 RangeCompareError You specified an out-of-bounds field value.
8 RangeSetError You attempted to set a value that was not permitted.
9 TaxpayerNumberRequired Customers subscribing to Avalara Returns must identify each company by its United States Taxpayer ID Number (TIN).
10 EntityLimitExceeded The number of entities in the request exceeded the limit.
11 CommonPassword The password you have chosen is a commonly-guessed password and cannot be used.
12 WeakPassword The password you specified does not meet minimum complexity requirements.
13 StringLengthError One of the strings you uploaded to the server is too long and cannot be saved.
14 MaxStringLengthError The string you provided was too long for the field.
15 EmailValidationError You attempted to provide an email address that does not conform to email address standards.
16 EmailMissingError You must provide an email address with this request.
17 InvalidQueryField A field in the query was not found.
18 InvalidQueryValue The value provided for a query field is invalid.
19 SyntaxError The filter parameter has a syntax error.
20 TooManyParametersError The filter parameter has too many values.
21 UnterminatedValueError A filter value was not properly terminated.
22 DeleteUserSelfError A user account may not call DELETE on the user itself.
23 OldPasswordInvalid You attempted to reset a password but you did not provide a correct old password value.
24 CannotChangePassword You attempted to change passwords for a user who is not permitted to change their password.
25 ReadOnly The field is read-only.
26 DateFormatError The date value you provided was incorrectly formatted.
27 NoDefaultCompany Your account does not currently have a default company.
28 AccountTypeNotSupported This account type cannot perform this operation.
30 AuthenticationException The credentials you provided to AvaTax could not be validated.
31 AuthorizationException Your account is not authorized to call this API.
32 ValidationException Your API call contained an incorrectly structured object.
33 InactiveUserError This user account is currently inactive.
34 AuthenticationIncomplete Your API call did not contain authentication information.
35 BasicAuthIncorrect Your Basic authorization header was not encoded correctly.
36 IdentityServerError A problem was detected with Avalara Identity.
37 BearerTokenInvalid The Bearer Token that you used for authentication was not valid.
38 ModelRequiredException You called an API that requires an object, but you did not provide an object.
39 AccountExpiredException Your AvaTax account has expired, or is not yet enabled. You may need to contact your customer account manager for assistance.
41 BearerTokenNotSupported Bearer Token authentication is not yet supported with this API.
42 InvalidSecurityRole You do not have permission to create or update users with this security role.
43 InvalidRegistrarAction The action you attempted is restricted.
44 RemoteServerError A remote server AvaTax depends on is not working.
45 NoFilterCriteriaException You provided a filter with your query, but did not specify any criteria.
46 OpenClauseException Your $filter value has a mismatched open parenthesis / close parenthesis.
47 JsonFormatError The JSON you sent with your request was invalid.
48 InvalidDecimalValue A field in your request has too many decimal places or too many digits over all.
49 PermissionRequired User doesn't have permission for action.
50 UnhandledException The API you attempted to call resulted in an unhandled exception within Avalara AvaTax.
51 InactiveAccount The account is currently inactive.
52 LinkageNotAllowed The client account cannot be linked to the firm.
53 LinkageStatusUpdateNotSupported The status cannot be updated.
60 ReportingCompanyMustHaveContactsError A company that is designated to report taxes must have at least one designated contact person.
61 CompanyProfileNotSet This error occurs when you try to modify the tax profile of a company that inherits its tax profile from its parent.
62 CannotAssignUserToCompany Only Company-level users may be assigned to a company.
63 MustAssignUserToCompany Company level users must be assigned to a company within this account.
64 InvalidTaxTypeMapping The tax type mapping provided is not valid.
70 ModelStateInvalid You provided an incorrectly structured object to AvaTax.
80 DateRangeError This error occurs when you create an object whose end date is before its effective date.
81 InvalidDateRangeError You specified a date outside of the allowable range.
82 RuleMustHaveTaxCode A tax rule with type ProductTaxabilityRule cannot have a null tax code or be assigned to all tax codes.
83 RuleTypeRestricted You attempted to use a restricted tax rule type.
85 InvalidCompanyLocationSetting You used a company location that does not exist.
99 InvalidAdjustmentType The adjustment type record permits only a specified list of values.
100 DeleteInformation This message represents information provided about an object that was deleted.
118 OutOfRange You attempted to set a value that must be within a range, but your value was outside of the range.
119 UnspecifiedTimeZone You specified a date/time value without a timezone.
120 CannotCreateDeletedObjects You may not create an object with a "Deleted" flag.
121 CannotModifyDeletedObjects If an object has been deleted, you may not modify it further after its deletion.
122 ReturnNameNotFound You attempted to create a filing calendar for a return that is not recognized by AvaTax.
123 InvalidAddressTypeAndCategory When creating a location, you must specify a compatible AddressType and AddressCategory value.
124 DefaultCompanyLocation The default location for a company must be a physical-type location rather than a salesperson-type location.
125 InvalidCountry The country code you provided is not recognized as a valid ISO 3166 country code.
126 InvalidCountryRegion You specified a country/region that was not recognized by the ISO 3166 country/region code system.
127 BrazilValidationError Reserved for future use.
128 BrazilExemptValidationError Reserved for future use.
129 BrazilPisCofinsError Reserved for future use.
130 JurisdictionNotFoundError The specified jurisdiction could not be found.
131 MedicalExciseError You attempted to create a tax rule that designated a device as medical excise tax for an incorrect jurisdiction.
132 RateDependsTaxabilityError You created a tax rule with a RateDepends option, but that rule is not a TaxabilityRule.
134 InvalidRateTypeCode This rate type is not valid in the country provided.
135 RateTypeNotSupported You attempted to choose a rate type that is not supported for the country you selected.
136 CannotUpdateNestedObjects In AvaTax REST, you can create objects with nested children, but you cannot update objects with nested children.
137 UPCCodeInvalidChars Your UPC code contains invalid characters.
138 UPCCodeInvalidLength Your UPC code was too long to fit into the standard UPC object field.
139 IncorrectPathError You attempted to modify an object but you provided an object that matches a different URL.
140 InvalidJurisdictionType You specified a jurisdiction type that is not recognized.
141 MustConfirmResetLicenseKey When resetting a license key for your account, you must provide a flag that indicates that you really want to reset your license key.
142 DuplicateCompanyCode You cannot create two companies with the same company code.
143 TINFormatError The U.S. Taxpayer Identification Number you provided is not in a recognized format.
144 DuplicateNexusError Nexus is a concept used to declare that your business is subject to taxation by a particular jurisdiction; you may not declare any one jurisdiction more than once.
145 UnknownNexusError You attempted to declare nexus in a jurisdiction that is not recognized by AvaTax.
146 ParentNexusNotFound You attempted to create a nexus in a tax authority that is underneath a parent tax authority, but you have not yet declared nexus with the parent tax authority.
147 InvalidTaxCodeType You specified a tax code type that is not recognized by Avalara.
148 CannotActivateCompany A company can only be activated when it has a valid tax profile.
149 DuplicateEntityProperty You attempted to create an object with a duplicate name or code.
150 ReportingEntityError You attempted to use a Returns API on a company not designated to file returns.
151 InvalidReturnOperationError You attempted to modify a tax filing return that has been approved.
152 CannotDeleteCompany You attempted to delete a company with committed transactions.
153 CountryOverridesNotAvailable The jurisdiction override feature is only available in the United States.
154 JurisdictionOverrideMismatch An address override cannot be created for this jurisdiction.
155 DuplicateSystemTaxCode You attempted to create a duplicate TaxCode object.
157 NexusDateMismatch You declared nexus on a date when that nexus was not available.
159 NexusParentDateMismatch You declared nexus on a date when that nexus was not available.
160 BearerTokenParseUserIdError The bearer token you provided could not be parsed.
161 RetrieveUserError Your bearer token does not have a provisioned AvaTax account.
162 InvalidConfigurationSetting The configuration setting you specified is invalid.
163 InvalidConfigurationValue The configuration value you supplied was invalid.
164 InvalidEnumValue You specified an invalid value for a field.
165 TaxCodeAssociatedTaxRule This tax code cannot be deleted because it is in use.
166 CannotSwitchAccountId You may not change the accountId value on a company.
167 RequestIncomplete Your API request contained unprintable characters or was incomplete.
168 AccountNotNew Only accounts in 'New' status may be activated.
169 PasswordLengthInvalid Your password did not meet length requirements.
170 InvalidPageKey The page key is invalid.
171 InvalidEcmsOverrideCode The EcmsOverrideCode value you supplied conflicts with a system-defined code.
172 AccountDoesNotExist You attempted to modify an account that does not exist.
173 InvalidTaxType You specified a tax type that does not exist.
174 IncorrectFieldValue You attempted to call the Reporting API with an incorrect field value.
175 LeadingOrTrailingException The value you provided in the `$filter` parameter was incorrect.
176 NotEnoughAddressesInfo A tax transaction must have both an origin and a destination address.
177 ReportNotInitiated This report has not yet been created.
178 FailedToBuildReport The report request you submitted could not be processed.
179 ReportNotFinished This report is not yet completed.
181 FailedToDownloadReport A server error prevented the report file from being downloaded.
182 MalformedFilterException The `$filter` parameter could not be parsed.
183 ExpectedConjunctionError The `$filter` criteria in your API request was missing a conjunction.
184 CriteriaNotSupportedError Your `$filter` parameter contains criteria that are not supported.
185 CompanyAccountAndParentAccountMismatch This operation is not permitted in technical support.
186 InvalidFileContentType The file content type could not be determined correctly.
187 RequestTooLarge The request you submitted was too large to process.
188 EcmsDisabled The ECMS configuration value for this account does not permit exemption certificates.
189 UnknownConjunctionError You attempted to use an invalid conjunction in your filter.
190 NoLinesDiscounted You attempted to specify a discount, but did not identify any lines to discount.
191 FailedToDelete You attempted to delete an object that was in use.
192 CircularCompanyHierarchies Creating this company as submitted would result in a circular hierarchical reference.
193 DuplicateEntry The key or name already exists.
194 DuplicateFieldNameInOrderBy A sort or order filter criteria for this request was repeated.
195 CannotAdjustDocumentType The document type is an immutable property.
196 UserNoAccess This user has a security role that blocks usage of this service.
197 InvalidEntry Invalid entry.
198 TransactionAlreadyCancelled The transaction has already been cancelled
199 QueryParameterOutOfRange The query parameter is out of range.
200 BatchSalesAuditMustBeZippedError Sales audit files must be uploaded in ZIP or RAR formats.
201 BatchZipMustContainOneFileError Compressed files uploaded to the Batch service must contain exactly one file.
202 BatchInvalidFileTypeError You uploaded a batch file with an incorrect file type.
203 BatchCannotSaveBatchFile AvaTax cannot save the batch file.
204 BatchCannotGetBatchFile Batch file could not be found.
205 BatchCannotDeleteBatchFile Batch file deletion is not allowed.
206 BatchMustContainOneFile This batch object must contain only one file.
207 MissingBatchFileContent The batch object must contain a file to be processed.
208 BatchCannotBeDeletedWhileProcessing Cannot delete batch while processing.
209 InternalServerError A remote server responded with an InternalServerError.
250 PointOfSaleFileSize The Point-Of-Sale API cannot build this file dynamically.
251 PointOfSaleSetup Invalid parameter provided in the Point-Of-Sale file request.
252 InvalidInputDate You attempted to set a date value that must be within a range, but your value was outside of the range.
300 GetTaxError A problem occurred when you attempted to create a transaction through AvaTax.
301 AddressConflictException You attempted to add multiple addresses to a transaction that was flagged as a single-address transaction.
303 DocumentCodeConflict You attempted to create a document with a code that matches an existing transaction.
304 MissingAddress When creating transactions, you must at a minimum provide an origin and destination address.
306 InvalidParameterValue When adding parameters to your CreateTransactionModel, you must specify a parameter of the correct type.
308 FetchLimit Too many records requested.
309 InvalidAddress The address you provided was incomplete.
310 AddressLocationNotFound The specified location code does not exist.
311 MissingLine You attempted to create a tax transaction with no lines.
312 InvalidAddressTextCase You provided an invalid parameter to the address resolution endpoint.
313 DocumentNotCommitted You attempted to lock a transaction (aka Document) that was not committed.
315 InvalidDocumentTypesToFetch Temporary documents cannot be fetched from the API.
316 TimeoutRequested You requested a timeout error from the AvaTax API.
317 InvalidPostalCode The postal code you provided could not be found.
318 InvalidSubscriptionDescription Subscription description cannot be None when subscriptionTypeId is not provided
319 InvalidSubscriptionTypeId Invalid subscription TypeId.
401 CannotChangeFilingStatus The requested filing status change is invalid.
402 FEINFormatError Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) is not in the correct format.
500 ServerUnreachable One of the servers in the Avalara AvaTax API cluster is unreachable and your API call could not be completed.
600 SubscriptionRequired This Avalara API call requires an active subscription to a specific service.
601 AccountExists An account tied to this email address already exists.
602 InvitationOnly You attempted to contact an API that is available by invitation only.
606 FreeTrialNotAvailable The Free Trial API is not available on this server.
607 AccountExistsDifferentEmail An account with this username already exists.
608 AvalaraIdentityApiError A server configuration problem has been detected.
609 InvalidIPAddress Your IP address has not been approved.
610 OfferCodeAlreadyApplied The offer code has already been applied to this account.
611 AccountAlreadyExists This combination of the account name and company address already exists.
612 LicenseKeyNameAlreadyExistsForAccount License key name already exists for the account.
701 RefundTypeAndPercentageMismatch You specified a `Full` refund, but the percentage parameter was not null.
702 InvalidDocumentTypeForRefund The document you attempted to refund was not a SalesInvoice.
703 RefundTypeAndLineMismatch You specified a `Full` refund, but the lines parameter was not null.
704 RefundLinesRequired Your RefundTransaction API call was missing necessary information.
705 InvalidRefundType You specified an invalid refund type.
706 RefundPercentageForTaxOnly You attempted to create a TaxOnly refund for a partial percentage.
707 LineNoOutOfRange You attempted to refund a line item that did not exist in the original transaction.
708 RefundPercentageOutOfRange You submitted a refund percentage lower than 0% or higher than 100%
709 RefundPercentageMissing You specified a refund type of percentage, but did not specify the percentage.
800 MustUseCreateTransaction The free tax rates API applies only to transactions within the United States.
801 MustAcceptTermsAndConditions You must read and accept Avalara's terms and conditions to get a FreeTrial Account
900 FilingCalendarCannotBeDeleted A filing calendar cannot be deleted once in use.
901 InvalidEffectiveDate The effective date for your filing request is not valid.
902 NonOutletForm This form does not permit Outlet or Location-based reporting.
903 OverlappingFilingCalendar This filing calendar overlaps with another calendar.
904 FilingCalendarCannotBeEdited The filing calander cannot be edited.
1100 CannotModifyLockedTransaction A locked transaction may not be modified.
1101 LineAlreadyExists You attempted to add a line with a conflicting line number.
1102 LineDoesNotExist You attempted to remove a line that did not exist.
1103 LinesNotSpecified You attempted to create a transaction with zero lines.
1104 LineDetailsDoesNotExist The specified line detail ID cannot be found.
1105 CannotCreateTransactionWithDeletedDataSource The selected DataSource has been deleted and cannot be used for creating a transaction.
1106 ShipToRegionRequiredWithDataSource ShipTo region required.
1200 InvalidBusinessType The business type field on the ECMS record is invalid.
1201 CannotModifyExemptCert Exemption certificates cannot be modified using the Company API.
1203 CertificatesError The certificate API has returned an error.
1204 MissingRequiredFields A certificate must have either a filename, a PDF file attachment, or one JPG image for each page in the certificate.
1205 CertificatesNotSetup The company has not been configured with this certificate.
1208 ConflictingExposureZone Exposure zones must have unique names.
1209 MissingFieldToCreateExposureZone Avalara's Certificates service requires extra information to create an exposure zone.
1210 MissingExemptReason A certificate must have an exemption reason.
1211 InvalidExemptReason The exemption reason you specified cannot be found.
1212 InvalidExemptionOperation Filtering operation is not supported
1213 ConflictingFields A certificate must have be stored in only one format: filename, PDF, or images.
1214 InvalidPdfOrImageFile You provided a value in the PDF or image file fields, but the value was empty.
1215 InvalidCoverLetterTitle THe cover letter you specified for this CertExpress invitation was not found.
1216 AccountNotProvisioned The automatic provisioning process for exemption certificates failed.
1217 InvalidRequestContentType Invalid request content type in the request.
1218 ExemptionPaginationLimits AvaTax exemption data does not support this type of pagination.
1219 ExemptionSortLimits AvaTax exemption data does not support sorting by more than one field.
1220 CustomerCantBeBothShipToAndBillTo An AvaTax customer record can be either a BillTo customer address or a ShipTo customer address, but not both.
1221 BillToCustomerExpected The API call you made requires a BillTo customer as a parameter, but you used a ShipTo customer.
1222 ShipToCustomerExpected The API call you made expects a ShipTo customer record, but you supplied a BillTo customer instead.
1223 EcmsSstCertsRequired The `EcmsSstCertsRequired` field should be set to true.
1300 TransactionNotCancelled A multi-company transaction was partially created.
1301 TooManyTransactions The MultiDocument transaction you attempted to create is too complex.
1302 OnlyTaxDateOverrideIsAllowed Multi-company transactions may only override tax dates.
1303 TransactionAlreadyExists This transaction already exists and cannot be overwritten.
1305 DateMismatch The values in your verify call did not match the transaction.
1306 InvalidDocumentStatusForVerify Documents can only be verified from the `Saved` or `Posted` statuses.
1307 TotalAmountMismatch The values in your verify call did not match the transaction.
1308 TotalTaxMismatch The values in your verify call did not match the transaction.
1310 InvalidDocumentType A document could not be found with the specified type.
1312 MultiDocumentPartiallyLocked A MultiDocument was partially locked for reporting.
1313 TransactionIsCommitted This API can only modify transactions that are not yet committed.
1314 InvalidDocumentStatus The document status is incorrect for this operation.
1400 CommsConfigClientIdMissing You attempted to call a Communications tax API, but your client ID value is missing.
1401 CommsConfigClientIdBadValue The Avalara Communications Client ID value associated with your account is invalid.
1404 AccountInNewStatusException You may not obtain a license key until you have accepted Avalara's terms and conditions.
1405 WorksheetException An error occurred in the Liability Worksheet calculation service.
1406 InvalidAccountOverride Invalid AccountOverride format.
1407 AccountOverrideNotAuthorized The current role you are in does not permit account override function
1408 FieldNotQueryableError A field in the query is not a queryable.
1409 UsernameRequired A username is required
1410 InvalidAuditMessage Please review your audit message and ensure no special characters are used.
1411 FieldNotOrderableError The field you have tried to sort cannot be organized in the desired manner.
1500 CannotDeleteParentBeforeChildNexus The nexus cannot be deleted due to child nexus tied to it.
1501 NexusChildDateMismatch Nexus out of date range with its children.
1502 RemoteValidationError The AvaTax API encountered an internal error and could not continue.
1503 CannotModifySstNexus SST nexuses cannot be modified by user.
1504 InvalidLocalNexusTypeId LocalNexusTypeId of 'All' cannot be used.
1602 AdvancedRuleRequestRuleError Advanced rule failed to execute.
1603 AdvancedRuleResponseRuleError Failed to execute the advanced rule script.
1605 AdvancedRuleError An error occured when using or applying Advanced Tax Rules.
1701 TaxRuleRequiresNexus Nexus is not declared in this region, therefore no tax rule can be created.
1702 UPCCodeNotUnique A single UPC code can be defined only once for each company.
1704 TaxCodeAssociatedWithItemCodeNotFound The tax code in the request could not be found.
1705 DuplicateSystemForItem An item in this request has multiple entries for a given system code.
1706 CannotDismissGlobalNotification This notification cannot be dismissed because it is a global notification.
1713 CannotUpdateAccountTypeId Cannot update AccountTypeId.
1714 TaxpayerNumberIsRequired TaxpayerIdNumber is required.
1715 RequestLimitExceeded You have submitted too many requests.
1716 ConcurrentRequestLimitExceeded The server is currently busy.
1717 InvalidDocumentTypeForInspect Please specify a valid specific documentType for this API to provide accurate results.
1718 ServiceNotReady Service not ready
1719 UpdateLocationRemittanceMismatchTypeAndCategory Existing location must have address type Marketplace and the new address category type of either SellerRemitsTax or MarketplaceRemitsTax.
1720 UpdateLocationRemittanceCheckExistingEffectiveDateError New effective date should be at least a day after the existing location's effective date.
1721 UpdateLocationRemittanceCheckExistingEndDateError Invalid end date.
1722 ErrorCountLimitExceededError The request has exceeded the maximum number of validation errors.
1723 RateLimitExceededError The request has exceeded the maximum number of concurrent transactions.
1800 UnsupportedFileFormat The requested output file format is invalid.
1801 UnsupportedOutputFileType You must specify either CSV or JSON file formats.
1900 TaxProfileNotProvided A tax profile was not included in your request.
1901 InvalidTaxProfile The tax profile must be a valid ZIP file.
1902 CompanyTaxProfileEntryRequired The import tax profile request is missing a company model and company tax profile.
1903 ErrorReadingTaxProfileEntry AvaTax was unable to parse your tax profile entry.
2000 TraceDataNotAvailable The trace data is not available for the date and time selected.
2100 InvalidParameterUnitMeasurementType A paremeter in the request has an unexpected unit of measurement type.
2101 ParameterUnitRequired A parameter in the request doesn't have a unit of measure.
2102 InvalidParameterValueDataType A parameter value in the request has an invalid data type.
2103 InvalidParameterAttributeType A parameter in the request doesn't match the expected attribute type.
2104 SubscriptionRequiredForParameter The account's subscription level doesn't include use of the parameter in your request.
2105 InvalidAccountType Account Type must be 'firm' for this action.
2106 InvalidFirmSubscriptions Firm doesn't have required subscriptions for linkage.
2200 GenericTaxCodeForItem Company item contains a generic taxcode.
2201 CannotCertifyCompany Company cannot be certified.
2202 NoVoidedDocuments Company does not have any voided documents.
2203 InadequateCommittedDocuments Company must have at least two committed documents.
2204 DocumentCodeIsGuid Company has a document code which is a GUID.
2205 CustomerVendorCodeIsGuid Company's customer vendor code is a GUID.
2206 InadequateDocumentLineCount Company has inadequate document line count.
2207 SameDocumentDescription All documents have same description.
2208 NoExemptionNoOrCustomerUsageType The exemption number or customer usage type is missing.
2209 InadequateUniqueAddresses Recent documents do not show at least 2 unique addresses.
2210 ItemCodesAreAllSame All item codes for the document are the same.
2211 TaxCodesAreAllSame All tax codes for the documents are the same.
2212 LocationCodeNotUsed Company documents don't have a location code.
2213 RepeatedLinesInDocument Company has repeated lines in a document.
2214 TaxDateOverrideAndNegativeLineAmount Company has tax DateOverride and negative LineAmount.
2215 AllUSDCurrencyCodes All recent documents have USD currency codes.
2216 NoVATBuyerId Company does not have VATBuyerId.
2217 AllUSCountryCodes Company has only US country codes.
2218 NoDocumentsToTest This company doesn't have documents.
2219 NoShippingCharge No shipping charge in recent documents.
2314 FailedToUpdateCompanyLocation Failed to update the location of this company.
2315 CompanyLocationDateRangeOverlap The requested date range is not allowed.
2400 FieldLengthError A field has an invalid length.
2401 InputContainsBlacklistedCharacters The input for this field contains blacklisted characters
2402 CannotCreateNestedObjects Cannot include new object(s) of different type within the request object.
2501 BatchTransactionTypeError A batch transaction must use exactly one of the following properties: CreateTransactionModel, AdjustTransactionModel, VoidTransactionModel.
2502 BatchTransactionLineLimitExceeded The batch transaction contains too many transaction lines.
2503 BatchCompanyIdAndCompanyCodeMismatch Batch transaction's Company ID and Company Code does not match.
2504 BatchCannotBeCancelledStatusError A batch can only be canceled while its state is waiting or processing.
2505 BatchCannotBeCancelledFormatError File batches cannot be canceled.
2600 InvalidParameterDataType The required parameter data type when creating a parameter is not correct.
2601 VersionTooOld The version requested is no longer supported.
2602 VersionNotValid The verison requested is not valid.