Chapter 9 - Summary

In this chapter, you’ve learned how to use location codes to enable your software to use locations for tax transaction reporting.

Avalara-certified connectors must support the ability to set a reporting location code on a transaction.

We recommend that a connector provide the following functionality:

  • A link from your connector to launch the Avalara AvaTax website so that the customer can quickly review and edit locations online.
  • A drop-down user interface that allows a customer to select a reporting location code from a list of defined locations.

Optionally, you can include additional features if you choose:

  • You can allow customers to synchronize their location database between your platform and the AvaTax database using the CreateLocations / UpdateLocation API.
  • You can allow customers to fill out addresses for their transactions rapidly using the locationCode parameter of the CreateTransaction Model.

These optional features are available but are not required for certified connectors.

Tests in this chapter: