API solutions for end-to-end tax compliance

Tax Calculation APIs

Calculate sales & sellers use tax, consumer use, and value-added tax (VAT)

Calculate transactional taxes with rooftop-level accuracy and real-time product taxability information using our AvaTax RESTful API, or SOAP API, which include class wrappers (adapters) for a variety of languages to assist in calling the web service. Get started with the AvaTax API now.

Avalara AvaTax

Fees and taxes for telecommunications

The Avalara AvaTax for Communications API helps you quickly determine taxes for telecommunication services, as well as VoIP, internet services, satellite TV, and other communications services. Learn more about the Communications Tax API

Avalara Communications

Excise fees and taxes for fuels

The Excise Tax API allows you to determine taxes for transactions involving bulk motor fuels, petroleum products, and natural gas for thousands of jurisdictions in the U.S. and Canada. The SOAP API provides platform-independent access to Avalara AvaTax Excise, and can be used independently of other Avalara APIs. Learn more about the Excise Tax API..

Avalara Excise

Compliance Document Management API

Manage exemption certificates, W8/W9 forms, and fuel licenses

The CertCapture API enables you to retrieve or update exemption data from a remote application. This allows applications to interact with customer and certificate records, and to send automated certificate requests to customers. CertCapture may be used as a stand-alone certificate management solution, or in conjunction with AvaTax.  Learn more about the CertCapture API.

Avalara CertCapture

Returns and Filing APIs

Prepare and file AvaTax-integrated returns

Avalara Returns is a fully-managed solution that incorporates a Treasury solution for simple payment, guaranteed on-time filing, audit support, and notice management. There are currently no APIs available for Avalara Returns – data is populated from AvaTax transactions and returns are managed by the merchant through the provided AvaTax Website. Learn more about Avalara Returns.

Avalara Returns

Tax return preparation and filing for eCommerce merchants and small businesses

Avalara TrustFile is a do-it-yourself sales tax solution for small businesses and eCommerce merchants. Quick to set up and easy to use, TrustFile takes your sales data and prepares sales tax reports for every state you collected tax in. TrustFile supports eFiling in a growing number of states, so you can take advantage of One-Click Filing to save even more time. TrustFile allows you to generate sales tax reports and filing independently of the sales tax calculation, which means it can be used without any AvaTax calculation.  Learn more about the TrustFile API.

Avalara TrustFile