Avalara VAT Reporting

The following documentation provides an inventory of APIs that orchestrate the end-to-end VAT Reporting compliance flow in Avalara VAT Reporting. The flow is broadly classified into the following sections, onboarding, file ingress, errors, filing, and transaction reports.

Onboarding - Provisions the application with essential data fields required to drive downstream functions, for example companies, registrations (countries), VAT Number, VAT codes, exchange rates etc.

File Ingress - APIs to manage ingestion of transaction data into Avalara VAT Reporting.

Errors – API controls for amendments of errors and warnings, and re-delivery of transactions.

Filing – All APIs needed to file specific return types, including VAT Returns, EC Listings, Local Listings, Intrastat, Extrastat, VAT Books etc.

Transaction Reports – APIs needed to drive transaction data reporting and analytical results.