UpdateCompanyLocationRemittanceModel > addressCategoryId

Request Body Parameter - Enum


Indicates whether this location is a physical place of business or a temporary salesperson location.

Value Description
Storefront Address refers to a storefront location
MainOffice Address refers to a main office of this company
Warehouse Address refers to a warehouse or other non-public location
Salesperson Address refers to a location for a single salesperson
Other Address is a type not reflected in the other lists
SellerRemitsTax The marketplace vendor does not collect and remit tax for transactions tied to this location. Use this option if you are using a marketplace vendor to handle your transactions and your company is responsible for collecting and remitting all taxes for transactions tied to this location.
MarketplaceRemitsTax The marketplace vendor collects and remits tax on your behalf for all transactions tied to this location. Use this option if your marketplace vendor already pays sales and use taxes on your behalf. When this option is selected, all transactions tied to this location will be treated as already filed, and will be listed on each sales tax return as amounts already paid.
NonPhysical Address refers to the mailing address of your company which is not a physical location.