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Request Body Parameter - Enum


The type of the transaction.

Transactions of type SalesOrder, ReturnOrder, and so on are temporary estimates and will not be saved.

Transactions of type SalesInvoice, ReturnInvoice, and so on are permanent transactions that can be reported to tax authorities if they are in status Committed`.

A sales transaction represents a sale from the company to a customer. A purchase transaction represents a purchase made by the company. A return transaction represents a customer who decided to request a refund after purchasing a product from the company. An inventory transfer transaction represents goods that were moved from one location of the company to another location without changing ownership.

Value Description
SalesOrder n/a
SalesInvoice n/a
PurchaseOrder n/a
PurchaseInvoice n/a
ReturnOrder n/a
ReturnInvoice n/a
InventoryTransferOrder n/a
InventoryTransferInvoice n/a
ReverseChargeOrder n/a
ReverseChargeInvoice n/a
CustomsInvoice n/a
CustomsOrder n/a
Any n/a