TaxRuleModel > taxTypeId

Request Body Parameter - Enum


Some tax type groups contain multiple different types of tax. To create a rule that affects only one type of tax within a tax type group, set this value to the code matching the specific tax type within that group. The custom tax rule will then only apply to taxes calculated for that specific type.

For rules that affect all tax types, use the value A to match All tax types within that group.

Value Description
E Match medical excise type
Lodging Match Lodging tax type
Bottle Match bottle tax type
RentToOwn Match RentToOwn tax type
All Match all tax types
BothSalesAndUseTax Match both Sales and Use Tax only
ConsumerUseTax Match Consumer Use Tax only
ConsumersUseAndSellersUseTax Match both Consumer Use and Seller's Use Tax types
ConsumerUseAndSalesTax Match both Consumer Use and Sales Tax types
Fee Match Fee tax types only
VATInputTax Match VAT Input Tax only
LightBulbs LightBulbs tax type
VATNonrecoverableInputTax Match VAT Nonrecoverable Input Tax only
VATOutputTax Match VAT Output Tax only
Rental Match Rental tax types only
SalesTax Match Sales Tax only
UseTax Match Seller's Use Tax only
EWaste EWaste tax type
Batteries Batteries tax type