FilingStatusChangeModel > requestedStatus

Request Body Parameter - Enum


Indicates the filing status you are requesting for this company

Value Description
NoReporting This company is not a reporting entity and cannot file taxes. To change this behavior, you must mark the company as a reporting entity.
NotYetFiling This company is a reporting entity, but Avalara is not currently filing tax returns for this company.
FilingRequested The customer has requested that Avalara Managed Returns begin filing for this company, however filing has not yet started. Avalara's compliance team is reviewing this request and will update the company to first filing status when complete.
FirstFiling Avalara has begun filing tax returns for this company. Normally, this status will change to Active after one month of successful filing of tax returns.
Active Avalara currently files tax returns for this company.
NotConfiguredForCompliance This company has not been configured for compliance