CreateCertExpressInvitationModel > deliveryMethod

Request Body Parameter - Enum


Specify the type of invitation. CertExpress invitations can be delivered via email, web link, or facsimile.

  • If you specify Email, the invitation will be delivered via email. Please ask the customer to ensure that
  • If you specify Fax, the invitation will be sent via fax to the customer’s fax number on file.
  • If you specify Download, the invitation will be prepared as a web link that you can display to the customer.
Value Description
Email The invitation will be sent via email to the recipient's email address.
Fax The invitation will be sent via facsimile to the recipient's facsimile phone number. Facsimile transmission make take time to process and deliver via phone lines.
Download The request will be processed and turned into a web link (URL) which the user can click on to visit the CertExpress site and immediately begin entering data about their certificates.