AddressResolutionModel > resolutionQuality

Request Body Parameter - Enum


The resolution quality of the geospatial coordinates

Value Description
NotCoded Location was not geocoded
External Location was already geocoded on the request
CountryCentroid Avalara-defined country centroid
RegionCentroid Avalara-defined state / province centroid
PartialCentroid Geocoded at a level more coarse than a PostalCentroid1
PostalCentroidGood Largest postal code (zip5 in US, left three in CA, etc
PostalCentroidBetter Better postal code (zip7 in US)
PostalCentroidBest Best postal code (zip9 in US, complete postal code elsewhere)
Intersection Nearest intersection
Interpolated Interpolated to rooftop
Rooftop Assumed to be rooftop level, non-interpolated
Constant Pulled from a static list of geocodes for specific jurisdictions