AvaTax REST API - Nexus

Method Purpose Summary
CreateNexus Create a new nexus

Creates one or more new nexus declarations attached to this company.

DeclareNexusByAddress Creates nexus for a list of addresses.

This call is intended to simplify adding all applicable nexus to a company, for an address or addresses.

DeleteNexus Delete a single nexus

Marks the existing nexus object at this URL as deleted.

GetNexus Retrieve a single nexus

Get the nexus object identified by this URL.

GetNexusByFormCode List company nexus related to a tax form

Retrieves a list of nexus related to a tax form.

ListNexusByCompany Retrieve nexus for this company

List all nexus objects defined for this company.

QueryNexus Retrieve all nexus

Get multiple nexus objects across all companies.

UpdateNexus Update a single nexus

Replace the existing nexus declaration object at this URL with an updated object.