AvaTax REST API - Locations

Method Purpose Summary
CreateLocationParameters Add parameters to a location.

Add parameters to a location.

CreateLocations Create a new location

Create one or more new location objects attached to this company.

DeleteLocation Delete a single location

Mark the location object at this URL as deleted.

DeleteLocationParameter Delete a single location parameter

Delete a single location parameter.

GetLocation Retrieve a single location

Get the location object identified by this URL.

GetLocationParameter Retrieve a single company location parameter

Retrieve a single location parameter.

ListLocationParameters Retrieve parameters for a location

List parameters for a location.

ListLocationsByCompany Retrieve locations for this company

List all location objects defined for this company.

QueryLocations Retrieve all locations

Get multiple location objects across all companies.

UpdateLocation Update a single location

Replace the existing location object at this URL with an updated object.

UpdateLocationParameter Update a location parameter

Update a location parameter.

ValidateLocation Validate the location against local requirements

Returns validation information for this location.