Avatax REST API - Customers

Method Purpose Summary
CreateCustomers Create customers for this company

Create one or more customers for this company.

DeleteCustomer Delete a customer record

Deletes the customer object referenced by this URL.

GetCustomer Retrieve a single customer

Retrieve the customer identified by this URL.

LinkCertificatesToCustomer Link certificates to a customer

Link one or more certificates to a customer.

LinkShipToCustomersToBillCustomer Link two customer records together

Links a Ship-To customer record with a Bill-To customer record.

ListCertificatesForCustomer List certificates linked to a customer

List all certificates linked to a customer.

ListValidCertificatesForCustomer List active certificates for a location

List valid certificates linked to a customer in a particular country and region.

QueryCustomers List all customers for this company

List all customers recorded by this company matching the specified criteria.

UnlinkCertificatesFromCustomer Unlink certificates from a customer

Remove one or more certificates to a customer.

UpdateCustomer Update a single customer

Replace the customer object at this URL with a new record.