AvaTax REST API - AvaFileForms

Method Purpose Summary
CreateAvaFileForms Create a new AvaFileForm

Create one or more AvaFileForms A ‘AvaFileForm’ represents a form supported by our returns team

Security Policies

  • This API requires the user role Compliance Root User.
DeleteAvaFileForm Delete a single AvaFileForm

Marks the existing AvaFileForm object at this URL as deleted.

GetAvaFileForm Retrieve a single AvaFileForm

Get the AvaFileForm object identified by this URL.

QueryAvaFileForms Retrieve all AvaFileForms

Search for specific objects using the criteria in the $filter parameter; full documentation is available on [Filtering in REST](http://developer.

UpdateAvaFileForm Update a AvaFileForm

All data from the existing object will be replaced with data in the object you PUT.