AccountSvc is not typically recommended for standard, single-tenant integrations. It adds an additional layer of complexity to your integration by circumventing the standard Admin Console experience. This makes Avalara’s ability to support the end customer more limited, and puts more of that support burden on the owner of the connector. For these reasons, we ask that you speak to a developer engineer directly before moving ahead with an AccountSvc integration. Using some resources in the AccountSvc API without sufficient understanding of the tax profile could result in serious tax liability issues for your client. The AvaTax AccountSvc API allows you to interact with the company profile and admin console data on a given account. An integration that uses AccountSvc will still use GetTax to communicate with a company profile in the same way as one that does not use AccountSvc – the only difference will be the user experience in setting up that company profile. Note: AccountSvc is currently accessible through the SOAP API only by using our .NET class library or building your own from WSDL. All requests must be authenticated with Account Admin level username/password credentials. The account number/license key credential pair cannot be used for AccountSvc.