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Grow your customer base and recurring revenue with a certified Avalara integration


Start by building a certified integration with Avalara AvaTax for real-time tax calculation


Expand to offer the entire breadth of Avalara tax compliance solutions

Become a certified Avalara integration partner

Day 0

kick off
Kick off

Day 30

design/build plan
Design/Build plan

Day 60

functional review
Functional review

Day 90

market ready
Market ready

Get started now, use our tools and resources

Prototyping tools

Develpment tools & support

Integration testing resources

Certify your Integration

Prototyping tools

Explore the API before you build. Make live API calls directly from our documentation.

Development tools & support

Get started quickly with our sample code and libraries. If you get stuck, your Certification Manager, Avalara Support, and Avalara's developer community are here with answers.

Integration testing resources

Run through our recommended testing scenarios on your own to check that all your bases are covered. Use our automated self-test tool to make sure the data you're sending looks good on our end before you certify.

Certify your Integration

Certify your integration to receive sales and marketing support from Avalara.

Fast and easy integration with AvaTax