calculation-icon-avataxAvalara AvaTax

The Avalara AvaTax APIs allow you to connect your web cart or accounting software to realtime tax calculation and address validation services. You can just retrieve tax amounts, but your transactions can also be recorded for reporting and tax filing. We have a RESTful API, class wrappers (adapters) for PHP, Java, and .NET compiled from the SOAP API, or you can build your own wrappers directly from the address and tax service SOAP WSDLs.

ribbon-icon-certcaptureAvalara CertCapture

The Avalara CertCapture APIs enable you to retrieve or update CertCapture data from a remote application. This allows applications to interact with customer and certificate records, and to send automated certificate requests to customers. CertCapture may be used as a stand-alone certificate management solution, or in conjunction with AvaTax.

Avalara TaxRates

Our TaxRates API is an easy way for developers to use sales tax rates in their project. Our API is powered by our tax rule content, and rates are updated as tax rules change to stay current. You can use this API to get the sales tax rate for a five digit zip code in the United State or get the sales tax rate for a specific street address in the United States. Register for an API Key to get started.